Increased Warming Of The Arctic Temperatures Sets A New Record

The new mark of the increasing temperatures is causing havoc to the walrus inhabitants in the area’s Pacific. According to the annual, Arctic Report Card compiled by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the Arctic’s air temperature has enlarged by more than 5 degrees. And since the observations began back in 1900, this is reported to be the highest level of the air temperatures.

At a meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco, NOAA chief scientist, Rick Spinrad, stated that the Arctic warming is more than twice as fast and is as a result of the climate change. The warmer temperatures are not a thing to embrace because they have consequences related to them.

First they melt ice that rapidly expands oceans and causes sea-level rise, an action that endangers the cities along the entire Atlantic coast. The Arctic mammals are not spared either because the ice sheets they use for mating and giving birth are also thinning yet they are so critical for the mammals’ survival. Nonetheless, the magnitude of the threat is contingent on the capacity of animals to adjust to change, tolerate it and if not flee for a more appropriate habitat.

Spinrad has indicated that these changes in the Arctic portend are likely to spread to the wider world. NOAA has continued to explain that the report card could give some more evidence related to earlier snow melting across the Arctic. In 2012, there was the unprecedented melting of up to 40 days that was longer than that of the typical Northwestern, Northeastern and Western regions respectively. But in July this year, the Arctic melt surpassed more than half of the area’s ice sheet and for the first time.

There is a bit of consistency from last year and this year’s findings with Dozens of scientists from across the world giving their contributions to the report card. The consistency will come handy in facilitating the establishment of whether the Scientists are watching a weather inconsistency in a critical part of the world and if there is an inevitable trend. Nevertheless, there already is already a stronger confirmation.



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