iPhone Home Button To Disappear Soon!

It’s saying adieu to the most memorable and safest part of the cell phone. Yes, Apple is progressing on making the home button – a thing of the past.

There are reports from sources within the company that helps make the devices for Apple, stating that they are working on bringing touch-screen of its own.

Devices will now have the home button on their screens, rather than have it as a button separately. It also means that the iPhones will now have screens that fill up the entire front portion without buttons.

Thin and narrow displays are the most sought after devices and that is what people are going to get through their new iPhone models with the Home button eliminated.

So, what is the solution? These models will come with the latest – integrated fingerprint sensors. That is what sources hint at.

That wondrous touch of the real, old button is going to be lost forever, and that indeed does touch an emotional chord. Maybe, we might still have something equally reassuring to the physical home button.

Apple has already tried its trick on Watches and in the MacBook, by putting this technology into practice. They have introduced a hard surface that gives a vibrating touch when you press it, which gives the feel of a real button.

The new factor is the Force Touch technology that is found across the entire surface and performs a different function depending on the force given by the user while pressing.

The good news is; we don’t have just a physical home button but the entire screen as one big home button. And it is the pressure that the user puts on it, which gives results.


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