Irrfan Khan Accuses ‘Kabali’ Makers To Steal Poster Of His Upcoming Movie ‘Madaari’


Actor Irrfan has implicated the makers of the most trend able superstar Rajnikanth’s Kabali of stealing their official poster of his upcoming squeaker film Madaari. In both of the films the posters are designed in a way to show the faces of the lead roles in the movie with adding some buildings and skyscrapers standing horizontally on both of their faces.

When we asked about the similarities of both of the posters then Rajnikanth said that we are small film makers and  told that  you see their poster or our posters it doesn’t matters but matters that you watch his film or our film too. Kabali is directed by a awesome director Pa. Ranjit it is comes in Tamil language  and Rajnikanth is playing a role as a title character a young angry and self confident man. he doesn’t puts punch dialogues. He just uses and say thoughtful dialogues which will going to touch your heart. In Kabali you will going to see the superstar Rajni with its real performance which will going to create a huge audience in the theater.


As same in Madaari which is going to release soon on the box office and had already revealed their trailer, the movie is directed by Nishikant Kamat an Indian film maker, he just set up with the Marathi cinema and many more projects for the Indian cinema. Madaari is featuring Irrfan khan as a leading role actor and Madaari is a story which can happen to anyone but the means may differ to meet the end.

One fine day Nirmal loses everything he has in a man-made disaster, he starts the journey of seeking answers asking for accountability which leads him to a deadly path. The journey brings out the extra-ordinay out of an ordinary man, Kabali is preparing for a big release on July 15. The movie is likely to be released in four languages – Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and Malai for Indian cinema industry.

Now both of the movies are in controversy for  their common issues of stealing the poster of each other and blaming each other by the same, Irrfan khan puts the question for the main aim that why a film maker should copy the poster of a movie which is releasing soon and why they took the same theme of the poster. There are numerous posters of Kabali doing the rounds on social media. Rajinikanth had shared two posters on his Twitter account in September last year but there is still a dueration gap between both of the released posters of both movies Kabali and Madaari.


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