IRS Discontinues The Acceptance Of Electronically Filed Tax Returns Due To Computer Systems Shut Down


Internal Review Service (IRS) is not able to accept electronically filed tax returns. The problem has resulted from a hardware failure that had led to the shutting down of some tax processing systems, as well as the e-file system. The “where’s my refund” icon is not available even if the website remains available.

The agency has owned to the problem but at the same time outlined that it’s not certain when the features will return, and the incidence will automatically affect refunds. However, the agency was quick to cool down the Taxpayers anxiety and categorically stated that it does not anticipate “significant disruptions.”

In its statement, IRS has asked the Taxpayers to, in the meantime, hand in their electronic returns to establishments that function as brokers between taxpayers and the IRS. Nonetheless, these institutions must hold on to the tax returns until the IRS systems are back in normal operations.

At the moment, the agency says that it is still assessing the problem to ascertain what led to the shutdown of systems. Apparently, it is still optimistic that in every ten taxpayers, nine of them will be able to receive their refunds within a minimum period of 21 days. And those who had already filed their returns have nothing to worry about and do not have to take any further action because all taxpayers’ data is safe.

As it is now, every taxpayer has their ears on the ground to stay updated on whatever development will take place. And of course, a majority of them remain hopeful that IRS resumes accepting electronic tax returns and that they don’t have to wait forever to receive their refunds.

And in other news, many taxpayers have continued to embrace the provision of unrestricted federal and state filing to taxpayers being provided by the Indiana Department of Revenue. The agency’s estimation is that close to 2 million people in Indiana should qualify for the program, but one can confirm if they qualify from the Department of Revenue’s website. However, the program embraces the use of refined question-and-answer style software. The program was developed in 2003 with the help of the IRS.

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