Ishqbaaz 11th August 2016 Episode Written Updates Recap Star Plus: Shivaye Says Sorry To Anika


Shivay shouts on Anika and says why she kept that door open. Anika says she does not wants to answer as her brother is alone at home. Shivay holds her hand and says she cannot leave. Anika says her brother is her responsibility and then Shivay says his brothers are his responsibility. Om tries to stop him and then Shivay says its enough Om. Anika says she did what Tia said and she asked her to open the door and she opened door. She asks why she reacts over. Sercurity guard says they did not find anybody in house and may be he ran away by bell. Janvi says she will call Tez and inform him that everything is fine now.


Dadi says Anika you should go now. Tia says sorry to her and says she did not know that because of her this confusion will occur. Anika says its fine and she does not have any mistake and so she is not scared. Om says there is something wrong and the way Shivay was talking was not good. Saumya gives Priyanka chocolate milkshake and Priyanka refuses. Priyanka says she is scared as many things are happening now days. Saumya says her two brothers will handle everything. Dadi asks Shivay not to make faces like this as then he will have face like this permanently. Dadi says you should not behave like this and why he shouts on Anika only.

Shivay says she is trouble. Dadi says she is so simple and innocent. Shivay says no she is not. Rudra says he is so strong and he beared bullet. She says yes that injury was healed by band aid only. He says no injury is injury. He says why you girls have fear from cockroach. He says you have cockroach on your shoulder then Saumya panicks. Saumya says she will not help him in making Romy as his friend. Shivay says from the time Anika has came in his life the. Life has changed. She leaked chip in media and because of her Om tried to jump. Dadi becomes shocked. Shivay says she sold news


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