Ishqbaaz 11th September 2016 Written Episode: Omkara Asks Why Riddhima Tries To Change Him

Rudra tastes juice. He says this doesnot have punch. He mixes something. Roop says this is key of everything. She shows Tez’s phone and which has all passwords. Tez looks at his phone and says its not his phone. He remembers that Roop exchanged phone. Rudra mixes whole bottle in juice.


Rudra says he is messaging Romy but she is not replying. Saumya listens and says she wants to talk about Romy. Anika says everything is so nice. Malika says Shivay is about to come. He comes. Tez sends security to stop Roop. Malika says look at decoration. Malika takes everyone with her. Om wears red jacket. Shivay teases him.

Om says Ridhimaa is calling and seeing if he wore red jacket or not. Gayatri says if Tez will see us together then our plan will flop. Roop goes out of car. Tez asks where is his phone. Roop says this is her phone. She sees everything has been transferred. She returns his phone. Tez looks back.

Anika asks Shivay to eat something. Shivay says dont ask me to eat as this is his house. Shivay says he wants water. Rudra says no we will have fruit punch. He gives it to Shivay. Everyone drinks that. He looks in car. Roop stops him. Rudra says now Shivay will get to know. Malika asks where is Tia. Rudra says if i have to call her. Anika and Malika taunts Rudra that he cannot call her. Tia comes there.

Rudra calls her and bell rings in home. Tia says Shivay baby and hugs him. Everyone gets shocked. Tia says universe wanted to tell her that he is best boyfriend. Shivay asks what i did. Tia says he wrote most beautiful letter im this world. Anika asks if she got that letter. Tia says that letter was so good and touchy. Shivay asks whats happening.

Anika says she should not read letter. Shivay says he doesnot know. Tia says she wants him to read this letter. Shivay takes letter. He gets shocked to see. Pinky sees satsang. She thinks about Malika and thinks i should check. Om says dont read letter. Tia forces. He reads. He sees Anika as words matches Anika’s words. Then he reads. He finds Om and Rudra’s words. Everyone claps


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