Ishqbaaz 17th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Online Recap: Rudra Gets Shock To See His Pic


Shivay makes dinner for home. Rudra says why he is cooking Indian food. Om says come back to Anika and he is glad that now everything is fine in between Anika and Shivay. He says not to talk about her as he has to deal with her again tomorrow. Rudra teases Shivay. Om gives water to Shivay. Shivay says if they will tease him then he will not give Shakti comes and tells Shivay has forgot to pour aalan in saag. Rudra says wow you came to kitchen for first time. He says you always talk about business. Tez also comes and listens Rudra saying that Tez is rude. He becomes shocked to see Tez. He hugs Tez and kisses him. Tez also laughs. Om becomes shocked to see him. Tez becomes happy to see sarson ka saag.


He remembers that they ate sarson ka saag in village. Shakti and Tez shares old memories. They laughs. Tez says they dont know where those days went. Shivay says they are sharing happy memories. Tez asks to taste saag. Om gives him. Tez says its good. Janvi comes and says this is the only kitchen where ladies does not comes and gents does not comes out. Rudra asks Tez to give saag to Janvi. Pinky also comes and asks what is he cooking. Om says he made saag. Pinky says he made so fantastic food. They sits on dining table. Swatalana calls Tez. Janvi asks pick up. He cuts the phone. Janvi smiles. Tez asks if he has arranged some sweet dish. Everyone laughs.

Anika asks how Sahil drank milk today. He says he has to beat a person today. Anika says to fight is a bad thing. Sahil says she also fights with Shivay. Sahil tells he was making fun of her bag. Anika says she will bring all new items for Sahil on raksha bandhan. Anika says she will care for him everytime. Shivay and Om talks. Om asks Shivay to come with him on morning walk. Shivay asks why Rudra didnot go to gym. He says he was working on his photos. Shivay says he will show him nice photo. He shows stock photo. Rudra asks which photo he should show Romy that she will become impressed. Saumya comes and selects the pics. She makes fun of him. Then she suggests a photograph and goes. Rudra looks at photo and thinks she has suggested good photo and Romy will be impressed by this.


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