Ishqbaaz 1st August 2016 Episode Written Updates Recap: Anika Worries For Shivaye


A friend of Rudra comes to see Rudra. He gets surprised. Shivay asks why he is not commited to Ridhimma. Shivay says their chemistry is good and understand each other. He can understand Rudra’s commitment but what is stopping Om from commitment. Om says destiny. Shivay asks really. Rudra says bullet was for Shivay but he stood in front and got injured. Sheena calls him hero. Rudra becomes happy. Rudra gets message and he asks Sheena to get water of eucalyptus tree. Ridhimaa comes at protest place.


She sees no one and asks Ishana ‘s father that if there is a protest. They says yes. They gives her plaque card and starts saying slogans. Another girl comes to Rudra. Rudra says he was praying to see Anju. Both girls comes and starts fighting. Shivay and Om sees them. They thinks which girl will attack first. Rudra holds both girl’s hands and says i remembered the ones whom he loves. He says he loves both of them. Shivay and Om becomes shocked to see him.

Ishana waits for Om. Her father informs that Ridhimaa went away when she got to know no media is here. Om asks how Rudra managed all this. Shivay says once he will be commited then he will change. Om asks if he really feel for Tia. Shivay says he like her. Om asks if he loves her. Shivay says why they all talk about love and ishq. Om says the girl he is marrying he likes her only. Anika follows Shivay and he goes. Tia meets Shivay and asks to choose tie. Shivay looks at Anika as she was waving outside


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