Ishqbaaz 28th August 2016 Episode: Every One Tease Shivaye As His Paint Was Tearing

Anika says she has injured leg. Shivay says lets go to hospital. Anika says he doesn’t know how to drive. Shivay says i will take you to brain surgeon. He says you are mad. Anika says i m not mad. Shivay says let me concentrate on driving. Ridhimaa says its weird that their relationship went well but when Mala and Bela came in our life. These problems started.


They both doubts. Ridhimaa gets call. Rudra  thinks his magic has been started. Anika gets out of car. Shivay says he will send medicine for her. Anika says no need of that. Shivay asks her to wait. He says he will drop her to home. Anika says she will manage. Shivay holds her hand and takes her to home.

He asks Sahil is not at home. She says he went to see janmashtmi. She says i will bring water for you. Shivay says no. Anika goes to bring water. Shivay sits. Anika thinks Shivay sat on wrong chair. Ridhimaa says she had to go to slum area for janmashtmi celebration and she wants his help. Anika thinks Sahil threw gum on that chair and if he will stand up and then his pant will be teared off.

Shivay becomes shocked and stands up and his pant tore up. Shivay shouts to bring anything. Anika brings something and He gets shocked. Anika says you dont have any other option. Om and Rudra also gets shocked to see their dresses. Saumya says everything is done. Dadi says his grandsons have not come. Shivay comes in Krishna’s dress and  everyone becomes shocked. Rudrs and Om also comes in Krishna’s dress.

Om and Rudra sees Shivay. Dadi becomes glad and says three Krishnas have come to her house. Anika thinks Sahul is so irresponsible. Bua asks Anika if she ate something. Anika says not to behave like this. She warns her to stay away from Sahil. Pinky also becomes happy.

Dadi tells she is remembering her childhood. Rudra says they can do anything for her. Dadi asks Priyanka to bring things of Kanha. Gayatari sees this janmashtmi will be remembered by Oberoi family. Rudra tells he went to party of Romy but he saw her in traditional dress and thats why he had to wear those clothes. Om tells actor of Ridhimaa went and so he had to become Krishna


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