Ishqbaaz 30th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Star Plus Video: Ishana’s Truth Will Come To Om


Anika and everyone does pooja. Tia says lets take selfie as Social media wants picture. We will put Lord Krishna in center. They starts making pose. Om brings Saumya and says you are also family. Tia asks Shivay to come in front. Shivay asks Anika to come. Anika says she is not family. Rudra says you saved our family and you are also family. Rudra takes selfie stick and takes selfie. Anika says she needs to go. Dadi says how will you go. Dadi asks who is there. Shivay says he will drop. Om says he will drop. Shivay looks him. Om says Anika saved our family’ life and Shivay says he will drop Anika. Om asks really. Om says come late and you should say thank you and sorry. Anika and Shivay goes.


Shivay coughs and says so. Anika asks what. He says he shouted on her. He thinks that he should say sorry. He murmures that she is so responsible. Anika asks if you are saying i am responsible. Shivay says you mistook it. Anika says she said to Sahil that she said Shivay is not so bad but he is not good. Shivay says he wanted to say sorry and thank you but she doesnot let him to say. Anika says say sorry. Shivay says he is not good and cannot say sorry. Anika asks him to take deep breaths and say sorry. Shivay says he needs time. Anika says Shivay cannot say sorry to anyone. Rudra shows that his photo gained so many likes. Om says why he wants to show everyone. He asks him to come out of social media. Tez calls Shivay and says our security is not working. Tez says Anika is doing. He says no Gayatri is doing all this.

Om and Rudra Debates and says we should live life but people does not lives but record. Om asks if Shivay dropped Anika. He says yes. Shivay says he was just making sure that she should reach home safely. Gayatri sees photo of Rudra and says this family is celebrating together and her plan flopped. Om says someone attacked our family again. Shivay says we should make that arrest. Rudra says Anika di is our supergirla and she saves our family everytime.

Om says Ridhimaa meets Mala and he was meeting Bela. Shivay says this condition is so confusing. Ishana also sees photo. Shivay says Om has been fooled. Rudra says Bela is fooling him. Om says yes Bela and Mala are with each other and targeting them. Shivay says They wants Bela to be fixed with Om.


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