Islamic Terrorists Shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ Kill 16 At Ivory Coast Beach Resort [Video]

Ivory Coast shooting

Another dreaded act from Islamic Terrorists has shaken humanity, as Al-Qaeda Jihadists from North Africa shot and killed at least 16 people in Ivory Coast on March 13, 2016.

At least four men heavily armed with AK 47 and hand grenades opened fire at two hotels in the beach resort town of Grand Bassam. The City has UNESCO World Heritage Status due to its architecture from French Colonial past.

Both these hotels were heavily packed with western people, and this is expected to be the main reason behind this cruel attack.

Many eye witnesses claim that the gunmen were masked, and some unofficial reports state that the attackers were loudly shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’.

The Ivory Coast Government has now confirmed that a combined operation from Police and Military has killed all the attackers.

Watch video:

The President of Ivory State confirmed that out of the 16 people dead; two are military personals. A French Foreign Ministry personnel confirmed that one of their citizens was killed in the attack.

The Ivory Coast President in a recent Press Meet told that he is quite proud of his military personals who completed the operation. He also added that the death toll could have been much more if there were any flaws in the process.

One survivor who witnessed this attack told that the attackers behave in the most inhumane manner, as they even killed a child who kneels down and begged for his life. He also added that the terrorists shot down women in her chest ignoring her pleading for life.

During the time of attack, many people ran into the sea to save their lives. Now, officials say that the death toll may even increase as there are chances of drowning death.

Another witness told that the terrorists cornered two young boys, and asked to recite Islamic prayers. The guy who succeeded in this was set scot-free while the Christian boy was killed brutally.


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