Jaana Na Dil Se Door 26th July 2016 Episode Written Updates Recap: Atharv & Vividha Meets In Library

Jaana Na Dil Se Door

Atharv and Vividha were talking to each other and they were both very happy while doing so. He promise her to marry her even if he have o wait fr long time. dadi suddenly comes into the room and tells them to go away, Dadi says that Kailash ha got very serious and crazy on this topic and has spoken out so much thing n this topic to her, she also tells that he will not going to agree tho this again. He also praises his well built and health.

Jaana Na Dil Se Door

Atharv try his best to stop her from crying and make her smile again, he asks Vividha to go away she takes dadi with her. Later, Sujata meets Vividha and shows her house to Vividha, telling her about their life which they have passed here and all the memories which is connected to it, Vividha was very happy to see the home and gets very excited to live there with him.

They all talk about what they will going to cook for the time which is coming because Vividha was nit very good at cooking and she have to learn then Sujata agrees to it, to teach her how to make food. Vividha wants to bring out Atharv from the jail and she has to give something for it, she gives up her bangels for him. Sujata remembers about the bangels and finds tht these have been thrown by kailash to him.

Vividha who wants to keep the relationship secure and all of them happy puts the bangels forward to give it to the policeman for the release of him. Atharv who is very caring puts light over the face of Vividha, while she was sitting inside the room, he calls her to come outisde from there, finally they meet inside the library. He talks to her very politely and make her felt good with his company. They both looks forward to have each-other company because they are loving it so much.


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