Jhanvi Runs Away From Her Wedding! Ishqbaaz 19th September 2016 Full Episode Written Updates


Siddharth comes and Malika says our relation is not working and your family doesn’t likes me. She says if I have disrespected your family then she is so bad. She says I never had my importance.

In her wedding, no one is concerned about her and everything  was according to his mom. Malika says he is important for her and then she realized she has to face all this alone and she has to complete journey alone so she ran away alone. Siddharth says I respect your facts and I am proud of your work and I never told you. She says you never told this your mom and her doesn’t give a damn to her. She says she has no other choice. Suddenly his mother comes and says no we have choices. Everyone becomes shocked. She says a daughter in law has responsibilities and she had to put the family on priority.

ishqbaaz-shivayeShe says Malika chose her freedom. Mom says we  did mistake by choosing you. Janvi says you need personal space and I will take you to study room. She says Malika has insulted us and there is nothing left. Shiva says she has reasons. Siddharth says, mom, you are not understanding. She says I am understanding. She says she was a business woman and but still she left all her dreams.

She says she also felt bad when she had to leave career then she did not ran away. Mom asks Malika that being a housewife is not a small thing. She says I cannot spend all my happiness for Malika.

ishqbaaz-shivaye-2Dadi comes and then asks Kaiki if she thinks whatever she did was right. She says no everyone knows Woman always had to leave all dreams. Pinky says Mrs. Rana is correct. Janvi says it’s not like that. Tez says no one has to sacrifice. Shakti says he remember how mad managed us. Dadi says it was not my choice but my fate.

Priyanka says every girl wants to do something in their life. Anika says many women do work and manage things at home. Siddharth says he is proud of her as she raised a good issue.


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