Kabali 20th Day Box Office Collection: Rajinikanth Starrer Film Creates History By Breaking Records


Rajinikanth who is known for his outstanding acting and great fan-following all over the world leaves no chances to make his movies world class and super-hit.


A Kuala-Lumpur based story which includes intense action and thrilling scenes is a must watch, and when the god-figure name gets added to it, then it becomes one of the biggest and most awaited movie of the decade. The movie Kabali, which is based on the following story where a prisoner named as Kaabaleeswaran Aka Kabali which is being played by Rajinikanth itself, is released after 25 years of imprisonment from the prison on a false charge of starting a deadly massacre at a local Temple, which has caused a lot of deaths. After his release from the Prison he confronts a very big drug smuggler and when he was telling to him, he gets to know that his wife is still alive but at some unknown place.

Kabali is known for his generous behavior and his activeness towards the society and making the today’s youth aware about the negative effects and damages caused by the drugs, he becomes a member of an institution who cures children’s who becomes addicted to drugs and all these harmful things.

He was very famous for his anger issues among the gangsters of that country and when his biggest rival or enemy Tony lee, when Lee comes to know that Kabali is still alive he then starts making the plan for killing him and hires a contract killer girl to finish him. The girl hen after knowing about Kabali that he is his father and the real one becomes part of him again and starts the search of her mother with him.

Kabali and his family soon return to the same place where they are used to live, the gang 43 which is being run  by Tony lee is now completely behind Kabli and his whole family to end them at all. Then one day when there was a grand meet at of all the biggest gangsters and killers, Kabali too come there and with the motive to end them. Then the scene which shows the death of Kabali was blackened to make sure that nobody’s sentiments got hurt to see their god-like figure dying on the screen or inside the movie.

The movie has done an amazing business and was one of the most running movies with the most occupancy on the screen of the Indian cinemas, the worldwide collection of the movie is also amazing and impressive. The movie has collected almost 650 crores breaking the current record of Bahubali which was too, one of the most amazing movies on the south screens.


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