kannada Movie Zoom Review First (1st) Day Box Office Collection

zoom movie review
Kannada movies are taking a big step ahead and are trying to give every possible genre in their movies they can possibly give to the audience.When movie which consist of story which has all the required thing which a movie requires like action/comedy and romance which is the most required things in the movie and the main three things which runs the movie on the track of the box office.
The movie like Zoom which is being made by the most famous director of the Kannada movie and has a value in his name, the name of the famous director is Prashant Raj, who is already a very experienced guy with more experience then his age. A movie like Zoom is worth awaiting from the Audience and they are doing it, The movie which features many things and genres and can easily entertain and can win anybody’s heart easily. 
zoom movie review
The movie Zoom is based on a romantic story which counters many comedy scenes but at the end when they both have to show their love for each other they do it very seriously and can go any high for this. The movie is being directed  by Prasanth Raj and is being produced by Nimma cinima who is also a renown personality of Kannad movies and can be relied upon if we have to rely.
The movie is screen played by non-other than Prasanth and the story is also written by him. The movie is featuring the stars which has already given their names on the movie series which was quiet hit on box-office and this time they are up-to something big and have given their best to prove that too.
The music is also being liked by the audience and is also worth listening once.The movie production house is of Nimma Cinima and is given their best to make it a big hit and they too have so much expectation from this movie.

The movie will going to release on 1st July and is having so many expectations behind it. Lets see what it does on the Big screen or Box office.


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