Kasam 8th August 2016 Episode Written Updates Colors Tv Recap: Rishi Gets Angry On Rano


The show starts and we see bani telling neha that she is leaving tomorrow and neha asks her to take tanuja with her so that her daughters will also go with her. Bani denies taking them along, but neha convinces bani saying that only nakul can save them from their poverty by giving her daughters an entry in bedi family. Then they make a plan to write to bedi family that neha died in youth and guljeet has died ten years ago. And bani says that she will request them to take care of these three girls.


Rishi is busy in his office and gets call of rano asking him to book any hotel of his choice and he agrees. Beeji tells that rishi must really have found something same in malika with tanu, ahaana is upset. There bani excites her daughter to trap nakul after going to Mumbai. Neha says that 20 years ago tannu entered in Mumbai to ruin her life but now its her daughter’s turn to relive her life, and says that love of rishi and tannu has ended now.

Sandy goes to tanuja’s room sadly as he never left tanuja apart from him and says that this time he has to do this coz their lives is in danger and cries. Tanu wipes his tears and he says that she is not his daughter but has a unique connection with her and whenever he at her, she appears to him to be.. Tannu flash in his mind. And he confess for taking an innocent life and he felt like getting rid off his repentance when they both saved that girl and boy. Tanuja tells him that he is very nice person only situations of that time get it done by you. She thanks him for giving love of a family and two sisters, just then neha comes and sees sandy crying and suggest him to stop tanuja with them. But he refuses and bani calls tanuja to leave.

There family is excited and going to hotel but rishi leaves alone. There bani and girls leave house but bani recalls her expensive clothes inside and goes to take it. Then nidhi tells tanuja that she is going as a maid of their and tanuja agrees as neha already told her that and tanuja becomes upset. Vidhi says tanuja they are going Mumbai as she has dreamt about it and maybe her love and luck is calling her towards him…..

Precap: we will see rano saying to rishi that she hates tannu the most in world coz they all died the day that tannu died……….


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