Kasam 9th September 2016 Written Episode Updates Colors Tv Online: Rishi Twists Tanuja’s Arm


In the last episode of Kasam we saw that Rishi was very angry over Tanuja and ask her to get out of the office right away, Manpreet listens to all this and comes there and ask him what happened even if he knew that Rishi is very angry over this girl. Manpreet was asked to fire him right now because she has been proved as a trouble for them all the time and everytime she meets him.


Manpreet takes her away to a coffee house and tells him about the habits of Rishi, he tells her that he is really a very nice guy but due to all the happenings which have happened with her. He tells her the whole story about what happened to them and what they have done with Tannu and how he married her against going to everyone’s will. He also tells the very shocking and tragic the death of Tannu, which is Rishi’s life and got shot while saving him from his about to marry girl’s lover. Manpreet who gets very emotional and starts crying, while tanuja was walking with him. Tanuja got fainted as she hasn’t eaten anything since the morning, Manpreet wakes her up, Tanuja was getting the very strange feeling and her not only listens to this story but feels it too that it has already been happened with her already.

Nakul was about to meet Vidhi and then she tells him about the confusion which happened when she tells him about all this. Then as he asked her to come inside she goes with him and tries to mix the powder which she got from her sister for doing the work which she has come to do. In Beeji’s room, Beeji and Tanuja were playing game and Beeji was thinking very much about Tanuja and was literally thanking her for all the things which she has done to make their family back again. She was thinking of Tannu in tanuja, while Beeji was talking to Tanuja about Rishi’s old behavior and all the things which she used to do when he was not in all this.

Rishi suddenly comes from behind and then starts shouting over Beeji for telling her all the thing which is not related to her at all. When Beeji ask Rishi for playing a single game and he sits for a single game, he was sitting next to Tanuja and was remembering and dreaming about Tannu while Tanuja was arranging the game. He was completely lost into Tannu’s dream and getting the same essence and feeling which he used to get from Tannu.

Beeji was very much sure that Rishi will go to fall in love with Tanuja’seyes as she is having the same eyes like her. While playing Tanuja and Rishi were really coming close to each other and were having the same feeling like Rishi used to have when he was with Tannu, Beeji was very thankful for this moment and was literally very happy from this moment. While everything was going great Rishi gets angry in the next day, Rishi holds the hand of Tanuja very badly and twists her hand making her cries in pain and he was asking her what she has come for in his house.


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