Kumkum Bhagya 10th August 2016 Today’s Episode Written Updates: Pragya Warns Aaliya & Tanu

Kumkum Bhagya

The show starts and we see nurse telling pragya that abhi gained consciousness and she gets happy. She runs towards the ward and dadi says that she has the first right to meet him as she saved his life. Then abhi sees pragya and asks nurse that he asked her to call his family but she called anyone else and pragya gets shocked seeing this and nurse says that he is not recognising pragya and calls doctor. Pragya tells

Pragya tells dadi that he is not recognising her and dadi asks her to have strength. Tanu and aaliya get shocked. Then Dr. comes out the ward saying that he has lost his memory, and they cant tell how much did he remember? But he doesn’t know about this accident and things before this accident. everyone get shocked. Aaliya confirms to doctor again that he doesn’t remember anything before accident? Then doctor asks them to meet him and to try to make him remember but to not disturb his mental condition. Abhi thinks why his family not coming just then.

Kumkum Bhagya 7th Aug 2016Abhi thinks why his family not coming just then aaliya enters and abhi asks her that she was in Australia for studies then how she is here. She gets shocked and says that today she came as exams are done and he says that why he can’t remember and asks her results and she says that she topped exams and hugs him.

There dadi asks doctor that shouldn’t they tell him about pragya then dr makes her understand to not to give stress to him and it happens, and there is no test to get know when he will be fine. There abhi asks aaliya about his accident and she asks him to not to take stress and thinks that abhi doesn’t remember anything after januarty 2014 ever his marriage with pragya and he is her old abhi, and feels like getting a jackpot.

Abhi asks her to send dadi inside and she says ok. Dadi and purab are talking outside worriedly and aaliya comes and tells that abhi has lost memory of last 2 and half year as he is asking about her exams. and tells that he doesn’t know even that he was angry with her.

Precap: we will see pragya telling aaliya and tanu that they should be happy as he doesn’t know about them but soon he will remember everything.


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