Kumkum Bhagya 16th June 2016 Episode 596 Updates: Abhi & Pragya Cries Seeing Each Other

kumkum bhagya

Last night in KUmkum Bhagya we saw that Tanu was angry on Pragya as she slapped Tanu. Tanu asked Champak to speak truth that Pragya he loves Pragya or not. Champak said that he doesn’t know Pragya. Tanu was angry on Champak. Nikhil was smiling to see this all while ABhi was silent and was staring to this all. Tanu showed the chits to everyone and Pragya was shocked to see this all.

Tanu said that she saw Pragya and Champak together and Tanu showed some photographs to everyone. It was all hurting to Abhi. The photographs was of Pragya in which she was with Champak and was so close to him. Akash fought with Nikhil. And Nikhil made fun of him. Nikhil warned Akash to stay quite otherwise he will frame him in this all. Pragya saw the photographs and she was shocked to see them all. Champak changed his tone and said that you are my girlfriend.

kumkum bhagya

Pragya said that I don’t care who is saying truth or who is lying. Pragya asked Abhi to believe on on her. Abhi was standing quite and then he said that I was about to propose you today. Abhi said that I was about to propose you as you helped me and my family but Abhi said that you can never change. Pragya asked Abhi to see in her eyes and say that she is having affair this this boy.

Abhi said that and Pragya was stunned to see this. Abhi said that you cheated me and my feelings. Tanu asked Pragya to move out of Mehra house. Pragya was in hurt and then she said that yes she loves him and that champak supports her. Abhi was about to slap Pragya but then he stopped. Abhi moved from there and Pragya was completely broken by heart.

Tonight in Kumkum Bhagya we will see that Dadi will support Pragya and will ask her that she believes on her. Abhi will move into his room and will see Pragya’s pic. Abhi will cry and will talk to Pragya’s pic and will ask why did you do this to me ? Dadi asked Pragya to go in her room and Dadi asked Tanu that Pragya is Abhi’s only wife and she will be his wife forever.


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