Kumkum Bhagya 4th August 2016 Written Episode Update Zee Tv Recap: Doctor Declare Abhi’s Death

Kumkum Bhagya

the show starts and we see purab is searching abhi and pragya and pragya is in the car with that lady who was helping her and cries saying that she is coming nothing cant happen with abhi and they see smoke from jungle and goes there and finds the burning car, pragya tries to go near it but that lady stops her and says that it can be dangerous for them but pragya cries and asks her to let her go and then they go near it and open the window of car.

Kumkum Bhagya

Pragya shouts where is abhi after not getting him in the car and she cries reminiscing their good memories and lady says that if he is not here he must have fallen somewhere in trees branches and says that they will search him and pragya sees abhi unconsciously lying and gets shocked there purab reaches at accident spot and people tell him about accident and the wife of his went there to find him and purab thinks that abhi was driving the car that why I couldn’t hear his sign when he said to take care of his family and there pragya turns him towards her and cries and asks him to open his eyes as she is near him and that lady checks his nerves from neck and tells her that he is alive and says we will take him to hospital. There purab gets dadi’s call and tells her about accident and she gets shocked and cries badly and rachna asks her to not to worried and purab searches them thinking nothing will happen to them.

There pragya keeps him in car and talks with him crying that he wanted to celebrate all occasions with her so wake up and she liked their cute daughter’s name abhigya and asks him to open his eyes nothing will happen to you. There rachna asks dadi that pragya will do something don’t cry and they pray to god to protect abhi and pragya. There pragya takes strechure and put abhi on it and shifts him in ICU and that lady says that she has to leave now and says that noything will happen to him and goes, after sometime doctor comes out from icu and says sorry to pragya as he is dead now and pragya gets shocked………

Precap: we will see alliya asks tanu to go to hospital and she replies that has she gone mad or what and says abhi will not leave us if he gains consciousness……..


  1. please directors/producers do something and bring back Abhi!! he and Pragya now starting to regain some happiness in their marriage in front of Cruellas Tanu and Aliya and devil Nakhil


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