Latest Report: Warner Bros To Develop ‘Superman: Man Of Steel’ Sequel This Time

Man Of Steel 2016 WB

One of the world’s most spine chilling and thrilling movie of the Hollywood which has made it’s place to the heart of the people since very older times. The famous Cape wearing Superhero ‘Superman’ is back with making the expectancy level much more higher than anything else in this world.

The Famous superhero of the all age groups has got something to show up, with Henry Cavill’s flying solo again in the sequel to the ‘Man of Steel’ and is also going into the active development at Warner Bros. This world famous movie which was produced and was directed by Zack Synder, has marketed around $668 million on the global box-office track. This movie is has also initiated and launched the ambitious DC cinematic universe. Another gem which adds shine to the already shinning star, was “Batman Vs Superman: dawn of the justice” which has collected around $872 million, a quite impressive record.

Man Of Steel 2016 WB

It doesn’t matter too much that Superman got into fight with Batman, DC has been silent on a sequel to the ‘Man of steel’ in which the most followed sgtar of the comic and superhero world will have it’s solo role, this leads many frustrated fanboys to think and expect about another movie.

All the doubts are now washed and are clear as glass, the news has been confirmed that Superman will going to stay the top priority for the studios, but getting the right and demanded thing for the audience still stays to be a quite difficult thing.
2014, stays the most generous year for the superhero admirers, because the Warner Bros CEO, Kevin Tsujihara has announced a skate of nine films with the most famous members of the DC world, like The Flash, Aquaman, Wonder-Woman and Cyborg. The Beginning of this era has started with “Batman Vs Superman: DOJ” which has set the stage for the movies upcoming. The most recent project which has paved the promise is the “Suicide Squad” which has opened his way to the box-office last week, has already done the business of about $135 Million.
A Recent Buzz stating that the actor who played the Superman in the ‘Man of Steel’ and “batman Vs Superman: DOJ” is going to be the same for the next movie which is “Justice League”.

The movie ‘Man Of Steel’ is still a long way away from the release date, but till then the movie ‘Wonder-women’ will going to have the place of the marvelous and thrilling superhero until the real superman comes to have the throne back, WW is scheduled to release on 2nd of June 2017, and is being followed by ‘Aqua-man’ which is going to have it’s place on July 27th of 2018 but it’s quite far from us right now.
Warner Bros, has two untitled DC movies which will going to release on 5th of Oct, 2018 and the second one on Nov,1 2018, but the dates are still not confirmed.


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