Li-Fi To Replace Wi-Fi for Providing Internet in Four Years?

Li-Fi technology will replace Wi-Fi as the next internet technology soon. With a 100 times speedier internet delivery, Li-Fi (Life fidelity) works at a 1GB speed per second by using an LED bulb, internet and photo detector as a source. The test was conducted in a company called Velmenni in Estonia. The laboratory tests confirmed a speed of 224GBps with Li-Fi.

Deepak Solanki, CEO of the company said that the Li-Fi technology would be available to the world over the next three to four years. Li-Fi was initiated by Edinburgh University Professor Harald Haas and was first showcased in 2011 at a Technology, Entertainment and Design conference.

Li-Fi Technology

Unlike Wi-Fi, Li-Fi did not use radio signals and thus could be accessed even while travelling in the plane. Visible light also had a 10,000 more increased spectrum than radio waves that gave it longevity. So Li-Fi is a blessing for all the internet savvy people and will also be a much cheaper option. The data was received by a binary code by flashing LED lights on and off by creating a morse code.

To bring Li-Fi to power, an illumination device that would allow illumination and wireless data transmission was needed and that was it. There were challenges like no transfer in walled spaces and non availability in normal daylight was there but those were addressable according to Haas.

Wi-Fi Versus Li-Fi

According to experts, 35 quintillion bytes of information exchange would be happening every month from 2019 onwards and radio signal transmission could not stay active for long. Radio signals need permissions and were limited and thus the LED light technology could be explored. Also, Wi-Fi connectivity causes security vulnerability for data and storage and even though Li-Fi is a challenge to achieve at present, it seems to be positive news.

Wi-Fi will also be used alongside Wi-Fi as there as there are disadvantage of the light wave technology and radio wave transmission is bound to continue in the world for over a decade. For Li-Fi users, connection would be restricted to a particular open area and even when leaving the room, connection would be lost. But data protection is a great advantage offered by Li-Fi.

Source: BBC



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