Marine biologists spots world’s rarest Marine Mollusc after 30 years

rarest marine mollusc

The marine biologists have for the first time in 30 years spotted the world’s rarest animals. The name of the mollusc adapted to marine environment is Allonautilus scrobiculatus.

The first sighting of the rare creature was done 31 years ago by Peter Ward in Papua New Guinea. The marine mollusc was found in the waters surrounding the country.

Peter Ward is a biologist at the University of Washington and the report of his sighting of the creature is the first and the last sighting done till today.

The information on this amazing creature reveals that this species of marine organism swam across the seas for around 500 million years.

Peter Ward is extremely enthusiastic to find out such information about this extremely rare species on earth. He even has the images and videos of this rare creature with him.

The job was an interesting one. Ward and his team used the fish and the meat of chicken as bait to watch the activity of this creature. The flesh was submerged between 500 to 1300 feet under the water. The whole incident was filmed and recorded for 12 hours a day.

On reviewing the documented film, it shows that certain features of the tiny marine creature have not changed in the 30 years.

The shell of the nautilus gives it a name of the living fossil. As described the creature has a shell covered with thick and hairy layers.

The mollusc swims just above the sea bed and there is depth restriction. If they go too deep, they might die.


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