Mega Tsunami that struck 73,000 years ago may strike again

October 5, 2015: According to a new study, a huge tsunami struck Cape Verde Islands off the coast of Africa around 73,000 years ago, and there may be some threat for the people living around islands and coastlines.

A study, which was published on Science Advances, says that the tsunami that struck the islands had the power to toss 770 tons-measuring boulders, and the reason behind the tsunami is a volcanic landslide.

It is known that volcanic landslides happen when the “volcano’s slopes give way”, and in this case, the concerned volcano, named “Fogo” was around 34 miles away from the islands.

It is now baffling to the scientists if the tsunami caused by a volcano that far can travel such a long distance. Ricardo Ramalho, the lead author of the study, said that he was surprised when he found gigantic boulders in the far away islands.

The author also said the scientists involved in the study used isotopes of the boulders to date the event. As such, the study pointed that the volcano Fogo may be the reason. The volcano is still active.

The new study can give rise to many more interests and facts on whether such kind of collapses along volcano slopes cab trigger such tsunamis in the future.

Lead author also added that such a thing may eventually happen in the future, and one must take the steps to ensure the ways to mitigate the effects of such a natural disaster. Ramalho also stressed at finding realistic solutions.


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