Mere Angne Mein 16th August 2016 Episode Written Updates Recap: Shanti Sells Sarees In Sale

Mere Angne Mein

Nirmala goes and smiles. Sarla calls Rani and ask to bring tea and bhajiye. Someone comes at door. Then Rani sees no one and says there is nobody. Sarla amazes. Rani founds ball outside and say someone has left it. She tells someone gave card also and it was written love you papa. Sarla thinks who can give that silly card. Rani asks if she can tell. She says she thinks Nirmala and Ashok already had a child and this all was their plan. Ramesh asks Nandu what happened. Preeti calls Lucky but he did not picks. Nandu says from when Preeti said i love you he is not willing to meet her and he is thinking he is dumping Preeti. Preeti asks if Lucky is angry from her and she loves hi so much.

Mere Angne Mein

Nandu becomes shocked. Preeti says we should marry. Nandu pretends that signal is cracking. He cuts the phone. Nandu tells his friend that she wants to marry and wonders she is too fast and talking about marriage. Preeti thinks she cannot let Lucky go as he is good guy and she cannot live with peon Nandu then Sarla is also coming here to live then she cannot live here. Nirmala goes to lawyer and asks till when divorce will happen. Lawyer says it will take two months. Nirmala says she has to die in nine days and asks lawyer to try something. Lawyer says ok i will tell you.

Raghav remembers orders of officials as he is suspended till when investigation is completed. He gets tensed and goes to Nimmi. He sees Nimmi is sitting on sofa and she slept. He lays her down and switches off lights. He calls someone and says he wants to find some salary as his job is in danger. He says not to tell anybody about this. Shanti wakes up and comes to him. Shanti asks whom he was talking with. And if he is talking about govt. Job. Raghav says nothing and he is worried how will this house will be managed. Shanti says not to worry as she is there. Raghav says he will feel guilty if she has to do something in this age. Shanti makes him understand that she is his mother and can manage all things. Raghav says Shivam also not earns so much to handle the family. Shanti says she will make him sleep. Shanti thinks she has to come in her old avatar and then something will happen. Kaushalya also sees them and cries that how will this home will run and worries.


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