Mere Angne Mein 16th September 2016: Shanti Ask Riya What Did You Do Behind Me

Episode starts with Officer coming to home and they says now this house will be sealed and no one can save you all. Riya says what happened sir i will give you whole money but please don’t seal the house. Riya says where will we all go and we will come on road. Officer says your husband would have thought this thing and he misbehaved with me so i will tell him what i am. Riya says i am sorry from his.side and i will apologies.

mere-angne-meinHe says you don’t need to apologies and Shivam should. Riya asks him to say sorry. Shivam says i am not wrong and i will not say sorry. Riya says fine you are not doing mistake but i am doing. She says please keep aside your ego and save our house. He says sorry to officer and Officer says fine.

He says but we have notice and we have to seal one room atleast. A man says seal that room. They points out Shanti’s room. Kaushalya says no please dont seal that room and you can seal any other room you wish to. Officer says let us do our work otherwise my officers will tell you.

Kaushalya cries that what will happen now and Shanti would be so angry seeing this. She asks them to stop. She goes in room and takes out Shanti’s husband photo. They all seals the room. Officers warns them not to open seal otherwise you will go to jail. If we find it open then you all will suffer. Officer goes. Kaushalya cries. Sarla says where will i sleep now.

Nimmi says i will beat that officers and lock them in room. Kaushalya asks her to shut her mouth as she raises problems. Shivam is also like that and dont know anything. Preeti taunts Nimmi that you should go and shout about your event company. Nimmi gets angry and Then Riya says its good idea.

We should do promotion of our company and we will get projects. Sarla says i will sell my old jewelry then we will bribe one officer and our house will be saved. Riya gets angry and says please don’t suggest rubbish things to us. Sarla says this is my house and i will save this. Amit brings new bike. Rani gets happy. She asks from where you got so much money.. he says don’t ask me anything.


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