Mere Angne Mein 29th June 2016: Riya Comes To Stop Shivam & Chanda’s Marriage

mere angne mein

In the last episode of Mere Angne Mein we saw that Sarla was getting Chanda’s doli to Shanti Sadan. Shanti does all the rituals with Shivam. Chanda danced in Baarat and made everyone shocked. Shivam and Chanda sat in Mandap for marriage. Pandit Started the rituals. Riya and Nandu was worried. The man asked Riya that data recovering process has been started and and the data will be recovered soon.

Then power was cut off and Nandu was worried as system shuts off. Chanda & Shiva exchanged garlands. Then Nandu asked Riya that there is only one person who can help us.Ashok wishes Shivam’s marriage not to happen. Riya called Ashok and asked him not to do Chanda’s Kanyadaan as she is a liar and she is fraud.

mere angne mein

Riya asked Ashok to delay the marriage and said that I am coming there with proofs. Ashok said that I am against marriage and I can’t go there. Riya requested him to gi there and delay the marriage.

Then the call ends and the power comes. Riya asked Yogesh to hurry up the work. While on the other hand Sujeev calls Pari and asked her to find his IT file. Sujeev gave some money to Sharmili and asked her to keep them as things are getting stolen now a days. Nimmi looked to that all while Pari said I am not a thief.

Today in Mere Angne Mein we will see that Riya and Anupam will come to Shanti Sadan and they both will get shocked to see Shivam and Chanda sitting in the Mandap for marriage. Then Riya will come and will say that the girl who was pretending to be so good in front of you all is non-other than a fraud. Be linked with us for more stuff like this.


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