Microsoft Comes Up With A Final Windows 10 Build 10240 Available Only To A Handful

July 16,2015: With the Windows 10 launch dates knocking on the door, Microsoft has come up with the latest and the last RTM build for the same.

Versioned as Windows 10 Build 10240, this copy is finally made available for OEM partners to boot up their machines prior to the July 29 launch dates.

Rumors had also been sparked over the reports that Microsoft was willing to announce the last RTM build at the end of this week, but speculations are also covering about ignoring the milestones and just completely focusing on the launch dates.

Though the Windows 10 would be launching on July 29, 2016, Microsoft states that all the users would not be able to boot up their machines with the new OS.

Moreover, devices would also be launched a bit late and would be available for purchase just a few weeks later.

Gabriel Aul, Engineering General Manager for Operating Systems group of Microsoft, had also stated that the last build is somehow the reflective part of the OS that is going to be launched.

Eventually, all the watermarks had been de-activated and by the jotting the command “winver” in the Run function can let users know exactly the version they are using.

Microsoft would also be on the verge to release their updates on Windows and applications soon over a period of 15 days.

With some notifying changes, Windows 10 would come with an optimized browser named Edge which is going to beat the hell out of Chrome and Safari regarding the local JavaScript standards.

It would also contain the newest versions of Office including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint etc.


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