MIT Team Is The Winner Of Hyperloop ‘Pod’ Design Contest From SpaceX

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) graduate team has won Hyperloop ‘Pod’ design contest organized by Space X. The contest that took place at the Texas A & M University in College Station was organized to fulfill the dream of co-founder of Tesla Motors and SpaceX, Elon Musk to develop a superfast new transportation system. The contest is aimed at finding a design for a Hyperloop so that pods of people can be moved at a higher speed.

The MIT team surpassed many teams and reached the final stage of the competition The team crafted a passenger-carrying Hyperloop pod that can travel in the near-vacuum tube and transport people in between big cities around 1,500 kilometers apart, such as San Francisco and Los Angeles.

MIT team to create prototype pod

The MIT team will now be creating a small-scale pod prototype for testing the potential of the superfast transportation system. The team is to come with this prototype during summer, and the test will be carried out next to the California-based headquarters of SpaceX in Hawthrone.

According to Philippe Kirschen, the MIT team captain, his college has been involved in most of the technological breakthroughs of the last century, and it is just natural that the team from the same institution has advanced into the final and can come up with a solution for speeding transportation in the future.

Managing speedy ground transport

Elon Musk has proposed an idea of a high-speed ground transport that he calls the Hyperloop. It will enable transportation of ‘pods’ in which around 20 to 30 people can transport fast through a tube of 12-foot diameter at around 700 mph speed.

Out of the 100 Universities that represented their teams, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands stood second, The University of Wisconsin third, and Virginia and the University of California, Irvine fourth and fifth respectively. The first five teams will be building their pods and will put them to test at the first Hyperloop Test Track in the world adjacent to SpaceX’s headquarters.


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