Most U.S Adults Lead Unhealthy Lifestyle

Unhealthy Lifestyle
Researchers from Oregon State University and the University of Mississippi have found that only 2.7 percentage of adults in U.S are leading a healthy life. 
The researchers considered our basic healthy characteristics and came to this alarming finding. The study was published in the ‘Mayo Clinic Proceedings’ on March 21, 2016.

The four factors which were considered includes, cessation of smoking habit, regular exercise, optimal body fat percentage and a balanced diet. According to experts, abiding all these factors perfectly will help adults to stay away from cardiovascular disorders and the chances of developing type 2 diabetes.

The researchers considered health habits of 4745 people before making this conclusion. Researchers used blood samples to determine whether a person is a non-smoker while X-ray technology was adopted to analyze the body fat percentage.

Only 2.7 proportion of individuals who took part in the study fulfilled all the four characteristics. 16 percent succeeded in following three characteristics while 37 percent had two. 37 percent achieved one while 11 percent failed to follow any of these sound characteristics.

Ellen Smit, the lead author of the study, told that all the four features are very easy to follow, and they are reasonable in nature.

Ellen considers these new findings mind boggling, and he wants every adult American to follow a healthy lifestyle. He also added that being healthy does not mean ‘marathon runners’.
One of the happiest things which was found in the study is regarding the smoking habit of people. The study found that 71% of adult Americans did not smoke which is highly beneficial for their cardiac health.


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