Movie Zero Days Opening Box Office Collection Review Ratings Day 1

zero days

Zero Days, an American documentary film which is on the big screens today , its 8th July 2016 and film has a great response from the audience and has a huge crowd in the theaters, it is written and directed by Alex Gibney and it was selected completely for the Golden Bear at the occasion of  66th Berlin international Film Festival. Film is comes up with a run time of 116 minutes.

Film includes a documentary thriller story about the world of cyberwar. And for the very first time film will going to show the complete story about the Stuxnet, its a piece of a self replicating computer malware, which is also known as a worm as it has an ability to burrow from computer to computer on its own, that the U.S. and Israel want to end up a key part of an Iranian nuclear facility, and which hardly spread on its intended target.

zero days

Here we all know that the technologies are getting misused by a few people around us, and as same in the film Zero Days , it is just showed up there in the film that how a malware got spread and expose the whole  arena power and distract the part of secrecy.

Everything in the world has a dark side, here on internet as well it has a dark portion, like bullying and pornography, are just an example of it. The nightmare of push-bottom nuclear, has a great impact and sacredness in our mind as earlier we got to know about the automatic bomb invention, which has a large sector on cyberwarefare.

Agent of doomsday has just explored in the film , that it is not just an exploding object but it is the manipulation of computer code to destroy the nations, states and the infrastructure by having a control of nuclear plants, disabling power grids and to end up the world by their power of codes. Zero Days showed up a message for the audience , the one and the great one is , bears are repeating and applying as much more to advances in medical science as to be in a war zone.

Overall the film is going so good on the screens and has a great start on box office on the first day by having a large number of audience in the theaters , with a positive and good reviews. It has collected approx $13 millions on the first day and which is a good start for the film.


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