Mozilla Forays Into IoT, To Shut Firefox OS for Smartphone From May 2016

In a major development, Mozilla is foraying into the Internet of Things (IoT) applications and announced the end of its Firefox OS platform for smartphones. From May 2016 and after the release of the 2.6 version, Mozilla will not be devoting any employees to the Firefox OS portfolio that was its answer to the Apple iOS and Google.

According to an official post by George Rotor from Mozilla, the smartphones are a market that is not a major revenue earner for Mozilla and working multiple ecosystems was not a feasible option. So to drive growth, the company has decided to devote concentrated efforts in the Connected Devices division. The IoT portfolio of the company will be working on privacy and security concerns for the ecosystems.

Connected Devices Platform

The company’s Connected Devices SVP, Ari Jaaksi, announced at the Mozlando developer meet in December 2015 that the organization’s smartphone trial would soon come to an end. He said that the company failed to create an ideal client experience and thus it will be quitting from the Firefox OS smartphone platform through bearer channels.

As Mozilla brings the Firefox OS for smartphones to an end, the company is not shutting the entryway on third party app developers for now. While the organization will not accept Android, desktop, and tablet apps, it’ll keep on accepting other OS apps from developers for some time.

That is not really astonishing since Mozilla has a couple of other Firefox OS gadgets in the blend. Even Panasonic has a large number of TVs running Mozilla’s product, and the organization concedes that no less than two different items have been pushed through the Development Process.

A Brave Move

As the whole idea is surely a brave one for Mozilla, the Firefox OS as a versatile adversary to Android and iOS was a possibility that was not doing too bad and offering the others tough competition.

Even as the Firefox OS was behind Google and Apple in many domains especially in applications that could be accessed through it, web application quality and execution enhanced significantly since Firefox OS’s dispatch. At last, the thought was to fabricate an establishment for ultra minimal effort smartphones.


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