Murder of Indian Kabbadi player caught on camera [video]

Kabaddi player murder

Another broad daylight murder has been captured in CCTV camera in India, as National Level Kabbadi player Sukhvinder Narwhal was shot dead in Rohtak district of Haryana by two armed assailants on March 15, 2016.

The dreaded murder was captured in a CCTV, installed in a house near the crime spot.

Sukhwinder was shot dead when he was returning to his home after finishing the practice session. He was aged 24.

According to Police officials, two unidentified men with pistols shot down Sukhwinder near his home on Tuesday evening. CCTV camera has apparently captured the faces of the gunmen, and this is expected to help Police in the future investigation.

Police have registered the murder case, and they have already started the hunt to find the culprits behind this daylight killing.

When you analyze the CCTV footage, you can see Sukhvinder Narwhal walking to his home, and he was talking to somebody on mobile. Suddenly, two men came on a scooter and shot the young man on his chest and forehead.

Sukhwinder fell to the ground after the first shot, and then the assailants came down from the scooter and fired multiple shots on him.

Chander Singh, Sukhwinder’s father, told that his son was shot just a few yards away from their home, and he was dead by the time the family members reached the spot.

This is the second time that a Kabbadi player is getting killed in the same style. On December 2015, Deepak Kumar, a state level Kabbadi player was shot down by two people who came on a motorcycle.

Both these murders happened when the players were returning from practice, and this gives an underlying connection between these two incidents.

The modus operandi of both these murders are the same, and it has added up the mystery to new heights.


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