Mysterious Supernova Spotted In Space

A small, bright object that first exploded in June last year may well be the most luminous and powerful supernova ever encountered by astronomers. If it is really a supernova, ASASSN-15lh, it is beyond what conventional thinking says. And if it is not, it could be something more strange.

A supernova that luminescent usually has a huge star exploding at the center. The astronomers monitoring the blast conjecture that it might be powered by the death of a magnetar, that’s a neutron star with a very powerful magnetic field that would increase the magnitude of an explosion.

During the first four months since the spotting of the supernova, it has emitted an amount radiation energy that the sun would emit in 90 billion year’s time.

The resounding cosmic explosion that’s 200 times as powerful as the conventional supernova, 570 billion times as luminescent as the sun as well as 20 times luminescent as all the stars in the Milky Way galaxy combined and is only of a length 10 miles across. It was found 3.8 billion light years away utilizing the All Sky Automated Survey for SuperNovae, a global collaboration resident at Ohio State University that utilizes telescopes across the globe to monitor the entire night sky.

The majority of super-luminous supernova originates from galaxies tinier and dimmer than the Milky Way with impressive rates of star production. However, ASASSN-15lh is located in a galaxy more luminous and bigger than the Milky Way.

A research, Paolo Mazzali, who wasn’t involved in the study, opines that the object while mysterious is most likely a supernova. He says it’s a very rare event but the object is most likely a supernova. It would be difficult to bring a magnetar to such a high level of brightness. The star would have to rotate 1,000 times the second and transform that energy into light at optimum efficiency. However, it’s not impossible.

Scientists are expecting that the Hubble Space Telescope can provide more answers about this phenomenon. As the object is so unusual, researchers will have to study it further to identify the phenomenon. How the object fades will give more details regarding this event.


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