Nannu Says You Dad Will Not Come Naamkaran Serial 18th September 2016 Episode Update

Ashish thinks everything has gone wrong. Asha makes food. Neela makes chapatis in a kitchen. She sends a photo to Hemant. He becomes happy. Avni sits in the almirah. Asha says I should leave as Avni is about to come. Lady says is this your tiffin. She says this is mine. Lady asks her to write Asha Mehta on utensils.

She says everything is named. Lady says why you shake your hands while saying Asha Mehta. Daya says show your concern to us Neela. Neela says you are trusting me a lot. Daya says she has experience and she has managed a big business so she knows Neela is gold for her son.


Neela says if Ashish called you. Daya says may be but he never calls as he gets busy in work. Neela sees a photo of childhood. Ashish sees a couple fighting as her husband has come with some other lady. Her husband tries to slap her but Ashish stops him.

He asks the lady if you till now want to wear mangal sutra of his name. He beats that man. Police take him. A lady comes to Asha and says why not Ashish is not marrying Asha. Asha says Ashish is going to talk to his mother. Lady says no he will not marry a Muslim lady. She says no I believe.

Asha says I know Ashish will come and everything will be fine. Ali meets Avni. They give each other’s toys. Ali says why you tore this picture. She says you always broke my trust. Avni says he is not my good friend and I break that friendship. Ali says what will happen to me and where will I eat food.

She says you only want my food. Tia comes and says loser to Avni. Avni says she will win in final. Tia says let us do final race tomorrow. Ali asks Avni not to listen to Tia. Avni says I accept. Ashish thinks mother and Asha are at two sides. Asha reads name and Avni comes. Avni asks what you do in kitchen and locks door. She says I will tell when time will come


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