NASA’s nuclear-powered Rover set to launch for Mars in 2020

NASA: August 28, 2015:This rover will handle carrying out space exploration on the surface of Mars and is widely based on the mission of rover Curiosity, which is currently observing the Red Planet.

The two projects are entirely different and distinct in their nature.

The mission of this 2020 Mars rover is to conduct research and explore the selected sites of the Red Planet which are diverse due to varying geographical location.

NASA aims to look into the history and search for habitat places using the new Rover.

The rover will be assigned the duty of collecting samples from the surface of the Red Planet and deliver it to a rendezvous point, from where a spaceship will collect the specimen and bring it back to the Earth for further investigation.

At Monrovia, California a team of Rover specialists and landing experts have sum up at NASA workshop for second landing of the space flight to discuss the issue of the working technicalities of the Rover.

The goal of the meet was to decide the probable sites for landing after the data for the first landing workshop has been analysed.

The meeting was held between August 4-6. The meeting showed up engineers who discussed on the technological aspects of the Space flight to make the design of the Robot unique for the 2020 mission. Probably, the mission 2020 will be the last for the Red Planet.


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