Obesity Imbalances Brain Preventing Kids From Realizing Overeating Indications

A team of researchers has found out a connection between appetite and brain. According to the Vanderbilt University study authors, it is important to teach children mindfulness practices to prevent or treat obesity because the balance in networks of the brain in obese kids varies from that in children with healthy-weight, which conditions their gray cells to eat more.

Moreover, in such children, long-lasting weight loss is very much difficult because the primary change is required in the functioning of the brain so that it supports the changes in exercise and diet. The report published in Heliyon, suggests that if the children are identified at a young age for the risk of obesity and their functioning of the brain is balanced using mindfulness techniques to control overeating habits; it can be possible for them to manage weight when they grow into an adult.

It is one of the most practical ways of long-lasting weight loss, which is quite difficult to follow. Improved sense of mindfulness has been found to enhance inhibition towards a particular food type and decrease impulsivity to gorge on unhealthy and fatty eatables.

What is mindfulness approach?

To pay attention with a purpose is mindfulness. Also, it helps you to overcome problems of daydreaming and lethargy and to be in the present moment, accept it. This approach can be highly effective in helping children avoid obesity or reduce weight.

According to a team of scientists, daydreaming can be the cause of the increase in obesity even though it does seem to be harmless. When the people are daydreaming, they do not remember whether they have eaten or not and continue to keep on eating thereby adding more calories to their waistline. Dr. Ronald Cowan, co-author of the study and researcher at the Vanderbilt University, says mindfulness can recalibrate imbalances in the brain connections that lead to obesity during childhood.

BettyAnn Chodkowski, the lead author of the study, says that although it is quite evident that brain plays the key role in obesity among adults; the latest research indicates that the neurological connections are also associated with the obesity in kids.


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