Oklahoma’s Labor Commissioner Mark Costello stabbed to death by son

Mark Costello, the Oklahoma labour commissioner, died Sunday after being repeatedly stabbed with a knife inside a restaurant.The assault was committed by his son and is arrested by police on grounds of first- degree murder complaint.

The bystanders reported the dispute between the father and the son began inside Braum’s ice cream and fast food restaurant.

As reported by the officials the altercation continued to the parking lot and the commissioner was stabbed with a knife multiple times on the head and neck by his son. The onlookers on the street informed the police about the ongoing assault.

Amy Elliot, from the State Medical Examiner’s Office, said that an official autopsy report would be produced very soon.

The allegations charged on the 26-year-old Christian Costello were on a first-degree murder complaint. The police remanded the offender in the jail custody till Sunday midnight.

The police told that they were not sure about whether an attorney was available for junior Costello, who would make an opinion on the criminal act.

Randy Brogdon, the Oklahoma Republican Party chairman, condemned the act of junior Costello and said that Mark was a wise man, a wonderful friend, and a nice dad. He stated the absence of Mark Costello would be missed.

Acquaintances of Mark Costello and friends mourned the death of the respected commissioner, and they expressed that Mark was a patriot, and he always thought and worked for the welfare of the state.


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