Oregon Allows Pharmacist-Prescribed Birth Control Pills For Women Above 18

Oregon passed a new law that allows pharmacist-prescribed birth control pills for women above 18 years. The law signed by Governor, Kate Brown, will be applicable from January 1, 2016. Oregon is the first American state to accept such a new state law, and California is too planning to follow suit in March. The law implies that qualifying women will no longer require approval from the doctor for getting their supply of birth control pills.

While speaking to KOIN, Dr. Alison Edelman, who favors the new changes in the law, said that merely easy access to the birth control pills through the pharmacy store does not mean in any way that women should neglect their preventative health care. Moreover, the pharmacist authorized to provide such pills to the women will have to undergo training to understand the process in detail.

Questionnaire is must

Although the birth control pills will be available without a prescription, according to KOIN reports, the women will still have to fulfill some formalities by filling up a questionnaire on their health at the pharmacy store that will be considered as a prescription and will have to discuss with the pharmacist regarding their choice of a particular pill. The Californian law will have almost similar norms for obtaining over the counter pills, but with one significant difference, there will be no age restrictions. Washington and Colorado’s senators have also presented a bill on the lines of the new law in Oregon.

Women who have been demanding this law is excited that now they will not be needed to pay long visits to their caregiver for physical examination and obtain the birth control pills prescription. However, health experts have advised women to consult their doctor before taking the pills. The Californian women will have the advantage of age relaxation; however, they will still be required to fulfill all the formalities as made mandatory by the new Oregonian state law.


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