Overfishing Is Reducing The Global Fish Catches

A new study has revealed that the current status of the world’s oceans is not in a good state and lot of blame has been directed to overfishing. And even as the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) indicate that the situation has remained relatively stable for the last two decades, researchers still insist that all is not well.

According to Prof Daniel Pauly, the lead researcher from the University of British Columbia in Canada, the decline is very notable. The decline is not as a result of limited fishing but because countries have increased their fishing activities, which have continued to exhaust one fishery after the other. In fact, the devastated global populations can be linked to the long history of good initiatives hopping from fishery to fishery.

But on the other hand, the declines are not necessarily as a result of the exaggerated fishing. There are a lot of discards of sea creatures that have also been killed in nets. Apparently, even after doing away, with the rejects and with sound management, there is still a considerable fall in the catch data.

Expressing his sadness at the new turn of events, Pauly says that most parts of the word do not have sound fishery management systems even in the US where a Coast Guard is protecting the waters. The nominal rules are no longer respected, and most of the fisheries are currently under poor management.

But besides all these, marine ecologist at Dalhousie University, Boris Worm explains that the biggest challenge is in the industrial fishing which is experiencing the primary absolute decline. However, Worm is not allied with the study but has maintained that some stocks of the world’s fisheries are sustainably managed.

And with the sustainable management, it is for sure that both fish and fishermen will persevere into the future. But on the other hand, Pauly says that he is not sure that the decline will stop anytime soon because it seems like countries do not still realize the need for building up on stocks.

In fact, the pressure to continue fishing is increasing by the day. And in as much as there are so many ways to fix this problem, there are so many conditions to observe that may not make it possible to achieve the fixation.


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