Perrigo Co. Recalls Children’s Mucus Relief Cough Syrup

The Perrigo Co. has recalled the children’s mucus relief cough syrup sold at HEB and other stores. The cough syrup maker has voluntarily decided to recall two batches of the drug supposed to be containing defective dosage cups. These medicines include children’s DM cherry liquid sold at the Rite Aid and CVS stores, and the 4-ounce guaifenesin grape liquid sold at the HEB and Dollar General stores.

According to the company officials, it is suspected that the dosage cups in the medicine batches had incorrect markings and hence there are chances of overdose. Around nine major retailers who sell the cough syrup under various brand names all over the country were notified of the recall. No reports of injuries have been reported due to over dosage of the recalled drugs.

Joseph C. Papa, the CEO and Chairman of Perrigo, said though there have been no reports regarding adverse events due to incorrect dosage markings yet the company has recalled the cold medicine because it wants to be pro-active in protecting the children from side-effects.

No report of overdose side effects yet

Perrigo has released an official warning on the possible side-effects which an over dosage of the medicine can cause. The report says that using the medication as per the instructions on the packaging in given dosage do not cause any harm or side effects. The statement also warns the consumers to avoid an overdose of the medicine or the kids may have to suffer from serious health problems such as rapid eye movement, hyper excitability, dystonia, and stupor, and hallucination, changes in muscle reflexes, ataxia and coma.

Other side effects include irregular heartbeat, perspiration, vomiting, nausea, tachycardia, respiratory depression, seizures and death.

Apart from Perrigo, other companies to recall their cough medicines include Giant Food Stores, Martin’s Food Markets and Giant and LLC. The companies have requested the consumers who have purchased the product to discard the unused portions and bring back the purchase receipt for a refund to the stores.


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