Planetary Society Reveals First Image Taken By Lightsail Spacecraft

1. A ground-breaking spacecraft, launched by the citizen scientists of Planetary Society has come up with the first series of images.

2. Named as LightSail, the spacecraft has been financed privately and is meant to demonstrate how sunlight can be used for propulsion. Ever since the spacecraft was launched last month on May 20, 2015, it had a bumpy beginning.

3. The solar-powered craft has many webcams, one of which has taken the photo, reported Pulse Headlines.

LightSail pics

4. After the launch, LightSail had many outages and revivals, but it all started on June 7, 2015, Sunday. The craft, in its remarkable design, uses solar power for propulsion.

5. The team behind the project said that there have been more than a few attempts to deploy the sails, but it was only confirmed earlier this week.

6. Planetary Society has finally given the first image that has been taken by the spacecraft. Apart from the solar sail equipment, the sun is also visible in the image.

7. The team is reportedly downloading the second camera image, which may have a view of the earth as LightSail was in between earth and sun when the image was taken on June 8.

8. The ambitious spacecraft is all set to burn in the atmosphere of the earth, having a second mission that is likely to operate in a higher orbit. Within some days, LightSail will fall out of the orbit.

9. In the coming year, a second project of LightSail is likely to be launched to an elevated orbit for demonstrating controlled solar sailing.


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