Pokemon Go Game Review: Perfect Combination Of Virtual & Physical World

pokemon go

A girl stabbed for playing Pokemon Go this weekend. There were three girls in a park in the small town of Redding California and they are playing the game through their smartphones . These three girls were set upon by the four men. The wounds are not life threatening while they are trying to help her friend Zacariya Bradshw was clubbed in the neck with a pipe and mugged.

A 19 and 16 year old children were playing the game in their car and one of the resident were came out of his house and shot at them, in Florida. A 28 year old man was crashed into a tree while playing the game in New York and on the other hand two others were fell 50ft off a cliff in San Diego.

pokemon go

Four of the teenagers were rescued in the hard time for more than 5 hours from a mine after they got lost in the Pond in UK.

A million of people were forced  by the game to go and walk in their neighborhoods and it is quite new. The real world is facing the impact of the gaming but the technology is not.

Pokemon Go is rising day by day and having more active users than Twitter now a days and as per the sources Pokemon is collecting about $1.6 billion per day. Pokemon Go is just become the most favorable and the trending game now a day and having a high level of engagement than facebook and such success of the game will continue .

As the developer of the game Niantic will continue to make out the new story for the game over the next month. The game is got a huge response from the users and had created a craze among the users and game lovers. There is nothing negative related to the game and its just depend upon the app purchase and it is the new way for the game companies to provide their apps to the correct user.


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