Preorder For Oculus Rift, Which Will Come With Some Amazing Accessories, Starts

Oculus is accepting pre-orders for its Rift VR headset that will come in a black case with a sensor with Xbox one wireless controller, an Oculus Remote and tow games: Eve: Valkyrie and Lucky’s Tale. This package will initially be shipped to 20 countries as from March 28. The retailing price for this package is $599 though oversee customers have to factor in shipping expenses.

Oculus remote is a surprise addition to this package. This wireless remote will be used to introduce easily non-gamers to VR. This remote has a touchpad, plus and minus key, black button and Oculus Home button.

During mid-2015, Oculus had announced the paired PC’s minimum specs, and it is worthy to note that this has not changed. Currently, Oculus has a window-based tool, which you can use to determine if your PC is ready to game.

Most gamers had expected the VR to have a budget price, but the founder, Palmer Luckey, took to Twitter to try to manage the expectation of the players. He clearly stated that VR was first seeking to become something everyone wants before becoming something everyone can afford. He also noted that the price could have been much higher, but 1st gen VR are being heavily subsidies by major players with the primary aim to make them affordable so that the business can grow.

Oculus had stated that user should expect a dozen of full-length AAA title to be available through 2015. This included Rockband, Minecraft, The Climb among others. Luckey also stated that the game would approximately cost the same as the title for PCs and consoles. This means the price is approximate $60 for a major release.

By pre-ordering your headset, this would make you score a spot to purchase Oculus Touch freehand controllers, which are expected to be available in the second half of 2016.This touch controllers were first showed in June, and Epic Gamed created a demo in September, to give the user a taste of what they should expect.


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