Protein Patch can repair and rebuild damaged Heart Muscles after Heart Attack

A protein infused patch can help repair damage caused by heart attack. According to a report, early research has shown encouraging signs of a protein-infused patch can help repair damage caused by heart attack.

An incidence of a heart attack can cause tissue damage of varying degrees. The damage can reduce the efficiency of the heart and its pumping action. It also leads to scarring of the heart muscles. Researchers have contended that the new method of using a protein patch can revolutionize the way heart attacks are treated. Presently most of the post heart attack treatments are centered on the use of anticoagulants and statins. However, if the present research is successful, it could pave the way for more aggressive treatment schedules including repair of damaged heart tissues.

For the purpose of research, scientists used a patch soaked in a protein known as Fstl 1 on the heart of mice and pigs who had suffered from heart attacks. After a fortnight, the animal’s heart began to grow, and fresh blood vessels and muscle cells started forming. The heart exhibited signs of pumping more efficiently.

After a heart attack, heart cells die because of low blood supply leading to the starvation of the cells of vital oxygen supply. Researchers believe that replacing the dead cells with new cardiac cells could reduce the long-term damage. The protein that is found naturally in healthy hearts is depleted after a heart attack.

Professor Pilar Ruiz-Lozano at Stanford University said that eventually the results can be replicated in human heart attack patients. The procedure will be a boon in patients who have suffered extensive heart muscle damage due to episodes of heart attacks.

A heart attack is still high on the list mortality, the world over. About 50% of the patients die within six years after the first instance of a heart attack. Present treatment can prolong the life of the heart attack patients, but there is no way by which the damaged heart cells can be regenerated. With this new patch, the possibility of regenerating muscle cells in hearts brings new treatments to the table.


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