Public Response! 7 Hours To Go Movie Review Rating Hit or Flop Box Office Collection

7 hours to go

7 Hours To Go is an upcoming thriller movie scheduled for a release on 24th June, 2016. Written and directed by Saurabh Verma, and produced by Krian Pictures, it has Shiv Pandit, Sandeepa Dhar, Natasa Stankovic, Varun Badola as the lead cast. This movie is all about a true incident, a hostage crisis, and how things turn out after the 7 hours of the happening.

Shiv Pandit plays Arjun Ranawat, Sandeepa Dhar will be seen as ACP Nandini Shukla, Natasa plays Maya, and Varun plays Ramesh Dhadke. The movie’s running time is 120 minutes, that is, two hours. Sandeepa Dhar had to go through the training of Mixed Martial Arts, for her character in the movie, and she told the media, she also took training from Tiger Shroff. Natasa Stankovic also did her own stunts in the movie.

7 hours to go

It is viewed as a ‘taut thriller’ where a man is pushed to his limit who witnesses an incident in courthouse in Mumbai and is forced to take hostages, and gives Mumbai Police, 7 hours to solve the mystery.

Now-a-days , audience wants to see something out of the box, something different from the regular comedy or romantic movies and it is an attempt to offer something beyond item songs and the round-the-trees routine!! Also, the director mentioned that he has ‘Hungry Actors’ instead of celebrities, waiting for them to allot him dates.

He believed only these actors could have devoted their time and energy up to this extent in the movie. It is a fast paced mystery planning a heist. Also, it is has high-octane action sequences. The marketing strategy, too is unique. They completed filming in 40 days. This movie is expected to open with a bang. It has caught the fancy of the exhibitors as well.

Ranjit Thakur, founder and CEO of Krian Pictures said that they are marketing the movie in India as well as globally. They are focusing on the Middle East, Panama, and, Lebanon as they don’t have much access to hindi movies. He had said, “Our endeavour is to increase the market for Hindi Cinema internationally.”

The film trailer met with a positive response. Director Rakesh Sippy, of Raksha Entertainment, called it promising. Sipyy said, “I found the ‘7 Hours to Go’ teaser very different from other products in the market. The teaser has an unconventional edit. The narrative, sound and presentation is very international and I am sure it will attract the attention of young cine goers all over!”

The trailer is different from other products available in the market. Also, it has an unconventional edit. Going by the figures, the film is expected to cover a box office collection 6 Cr. on the first day or opening day.

Despite absence of any celebrity, or a star, it has a story to narrate, and has a suspense, that will keep you engaged guessing. This movie has got a lot to convince the audience to watch it. And, the team is hopeful for the movie because everything about the movie is unique.


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