Raman Says Tough Words For Adi Yeh Hai Mhabbatein Watch Story Till 16th September 2016


Mani shoots and Ishita and Raman gets shocked. Suddenly Abhishek comes and holds his hands. Aadi gets safe. Abhishek asks Mani to calm down and he wants to go in jail then what will happen to Alia. She will die listening this. Mani gets sad and looks down. Ishita cries and hugs Aadi. Mani says you played well Abhishek.

yeh-hai-mohabbatein-16th-sepAbhishek says i am not playing any game and Aadi has not been proves as guilty yet and if you would shoot him then what will happen. Mani says fine i will file a case against him. Police takes Aadi. Ishita says we have to make Mani to realize that Aadi has not done anything. Raman says this is sensitive issue. Ashok tells Nidhi that he never expected Aadi will do that. Shagun calls Ashok and says Mani tried to kill Aadi.

Nidhi asks Shagun to call media and then it will help her. Ashok calls media and Nidhi says she has breaking news to them but she wants that her name should not be disclosed. Raman shouts on phone and says no lawyer is taking their case. Mihir says i also tried and no one is agreed to take case. Roohi says she also knew some lawyer.

Abhishek asks Aadi that what happened. Aadi says i took bottle of wine and went then he met his friend and he was telling that girls are like this and that then he left his friend. He says then he started taking alcohol. He says i was so drunk and he does not know he did this or not. But then he says believe me i have not done anything. He tells about his college friend Agasthya.

Abhishek asks Aadi how this bottle came in his car. He says i don’t remember. Abhishek asks Aadi to tell as his family is so worried. Mihir and Roohi comes and gives bail papers. Aadi comes. Mihir hugs him and says its ok. Roohi also hugs him. Roohi asks if you are fine. Aadi says because of me you all are so worried but trust me i have not done anything.

Mihir saya lets go home. Abhishek stops him and says if he will tell things properly then they can find culprit soon. Abhishek asks Mihir that Aadi cannot go out from Delhi. Inspector asks what to do now. Abhishek says we can hope that Aadi should remember all things. Media comes to Aadi. They says how can you do that. Roohi says he has not done anything.


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