Rano Fixes Date Of Rishi With Malika! Kasam 3rd August 2016 Episode Latest Serial Updates

Kasam 3rd Aug

The episode starts with a girl named Malika coming to the home. Manpreet stares at her. They all sit to have food. Malika’s mother told Rano that she had to get divorced the second time. Malika serves food to Rano. Malika’s mother says that I want to talk to you about Rishi and Malika’s marriage proposal. Rano gets glad at this and goes to Rishi. Raj says that Rishi will never get agree for this.

Rano goes to Rishi and says that i am missing you a lot. Rishi says that i am here as your hero. She says that you are still living in the past. She says that everyone has moved on and you should be live like them. Rano says that you should move on now. Rishi says that i want to live like this. Rano ask him to have dinner. Rano then starts crying infront of Rishi. She says that you never heard me. Rishi ask her to tell. Vidhi comes to Tanuja and ask that what she feels about love. Tanuja says that i stares the moon because i feel some connection with it. Rano convinces Rishi and takes him down to the dinner area.

Kasam 3rd Aug

Malika gets stand while seeing Rishi. Rishi directly ask Malika that did you will be able to love me. Malika says yes i start loving you when i saw you first on t.v. Rishi says ok i am ready for the marriage. Raaj gets shocked and looks at Rishi. Rano felt happy at this.

Tanuja says Vidhi to get sleep. Then someone knocks at the door. They see Shalu there. Vidhi ask that why you come here. Shalu says please let us enter else villagers will kill my husband. Shalu tells them that he love him and they get married without informing the villagers.

Then the villagers come there. Tannu hide them both. Vidhi opens the door and says that there  is no one here. Sandy come there and Tannu requested him not to say anything. A women saw Shalu and ask them to come out. They come out and Shalu’s brother points gun at her husband. She come in front and gets hit by the bullet. Something strikes Tannu’s mind  by this.

Rano says that we will fix a date of yours with Malika and then she confirms that he says yes.


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