Research says regular Coffee consumption is key to longer healthy life


Consuming modest amount of Coffee can considerably reduce the risk of dying from heart diseases, claims a recent study that has been published in a journal Circulation. Nothing new under the sun because we already know that coffee, often been deemed an elixir, a miracle potion of sorts and has been seen to reduce the risks of skin cancer and Alzheimer’s.

Regular coffee drinkers (Persons who drank 5 or less than 5 cups of coffee a day) have a reduced risk of dying from some different causes. A study published in the Journal Circulation revealed t above fact.

Coffee also contained Morphine like protein, and it is so good so as to provoke United States’ Dietary Advisory Committee to publish a report outlining the potential benefits of the drink.

The research team that is involved with the above subject is following three studies that are going together. It involves collecting data from 200,000 people. A few of these subjects have been submitting data about their dietary habits for the last 30 years. The filtering process eliminated smokers, and the researchers found out that those who drank coffee were less likely to die earlier than those who did not drink coffee.

Ming Ding, the study’s lead author and current Harvard Ph.D. student, pointed out that various bioactive compounds in coffee could be lowering insulin resistance and systemic inflammation in the body leading to the inverse association between mortality and coffee consumption.

Frank Hu, a well-respect professor and lecturer at Harvard, added that the study once again proves the notion that moderate consumption of coffee can help the drinker accrue to health benefits that could reduce premature death.

The researchers were, however, quick to point out that the study does not mean that coffee is the answer to longevity. The study only reveals a link but does not confirm that coffee drinking is responsible for reduced risk of death from causes such as heart diseases, diabetes, brain conditions and suicide.


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