Researchers worry about climate change and its impact on health

Researchers have reasons to worry about climate change and its impact on health. Weather conditions are found to be extreme, and health issues are on the rise.

President Obama has also remarked on these climatic changes and its significance for the world and the United States.

Doctors have warned that climate change might negatively harm the health of human beings as exposure to extreme weathers may harm the body.

Extreme weather conditions may lead to heavy rains or drought, resulting in damage to crops or scarcity of food crops. Climate change is also related to high pollution causing severe health problems.

Dr. Hugh Montgomery, the director of University College London’s Institute of Human Health and Performance, has exclaimed that climate change is almost like a medical emergency that requires the response of an emergency treatment.

Politicians need to give priority to climate change in their plans and schedule of goals say research authors at the University College London.

There are many people who have to work outdoors or have to travel large distances every day. They are most affected by the climate change as their exposure to the sun’s rays and pollution in the air is high.

Loss of homes due to floods, financial loss due to drought, dislocated homes due to natural disasters, etc., have the psychological impact on people directly affected, causing mental disturbances.

Environment and health issues are of prime importance and are to be addressed immediately say health officers. Every individual can contribute to saving the future of mankind by thinking about renewable energy, recycling water, keeping water bodies and reducing pollution.


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